Description of Regular Track

The Bachelor of Information Technology Regular Program is one of the undergraduate programs carried out following the Joint Entry Screen through the following website Lectures in the IT S1 program can be taken in a minimum period of 3.5 years (7 semesters) and the normal graduation time is 4 years (8 semesters), with 144 credits that must be taken.

Regular Track Curriculum Structure

The following is a list of courses per semester along with the Semester Credit Units that are the Regular Path Study Weight.


NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CII1B3Logic Mathematics3
2CII1A3Introduction to Programming3
4CTI1A2Introduction to Information Technology2
5UKI1B2Pancasila Education2
7CII1E3Character building3
Number of Credits18
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
2CTI1B3Linear Algebra and Matrix3
3CII1F4Programming Algorithm31
4CII1G3Discrete mathematics3
5UWI1A2English I2
6CII1I3Digital System3
7UAI1_2Religious Education and Ethics2
Number of Credits19
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CII2J4Computer network31
2CTI2F3Database Modeling and Implementation21
3CII3A3Human and Computer Interaction3
5CII2H3Operating system21
6CTI2G3Intelligent System3
7CII2I2Global ICT Insights2
Number of Credits20
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CTI3A3Advanced Database3
2CII3G3Project management3
3CTI2H1Information Technology for Society1
4CTI3B3Hardware Programming3
5CTI3C3Web Programming21
6CII3B4Object Oriented Programming31
7CTI3D3Enterprise Network3
Number of Credits20
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CTI3E3System Security3
2CTI3F3IoT Development and Applications3
3CTI4_3Mandatory Choice 13
4CTI3H3Software engineering3
5CTI3I3Mobile Apps3
6UKI1A2Citizenship Education2
7CTI3J3System Integration Architecture3
Number of Credits20
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CII4A2Proposal Writing2
2CII4B3Practical Work3
3CTI4A2English II2
4CTI4_3Mandatory Choice II3
5CTI4_3Option I3
6CTI4_3Option II3
Number of Credits16
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1CTI4_3Option III3
2CTI4_3Free Choice I3
3CTI4_3Free Choice II3
Number of Credits13
NoCodeNameSKS TheoryPracticum Credits
1UAI1A2Islamic Religious Education and Ethics2
2UAI1B2Christian Religion Education and Ethics2
3UAI1C2Catholic Religious Education and Ethics2
4UAI1D2Hindu Religion Education and Ethics2
5UAI1E2Buddhist Education and Ethics2
6UAI1F2Confucian Religion Education and Ethics2