Graduate Learning Access

Graduate Competency Standards are the minimum qualification criteria for graduates’ abilities that include aspects of attitudes, knowledge, and skills stated in the formulation of Graduate Learning Outcomes or also known as the Learning Outcomes Program. Then CPL will be charged to the Course as a Course Learning Outcome, which is also known as Program learning outcomes.

CPL Bachelor of Information Technology Study Program

The following is the CPL/PLO formulated in the Bachelor of Information Technology study program at Telkom University.

PLO-1Demonstrate a fearful attitude to God Almighty, which is manifested in an attitude of mutual respect and responsibility in a diverse society.
PLO-2Demonstrates a professional attitude in the form of adherence to professional ethics, the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, an understanding of lifelong learning, and response to social issues and technological developments.
PLO-3Mastering the basic concepts of science and/or mathematics as well as the principles of informatics and computers.
PLO-4Mastering the methods and processes of analysis, planning, management, and evaluation related to information and data resources.
PLO-5Mastering the principles of Internet of Things and Cybersecurity to provide alternative solutions that can be used to solve problems in industry and society.
PLO-6Able to apply the concept of entrepreneurship and business as a basis for conducting entrepreneurial simulations.
PLO-7Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
PLO-8Able to plan and complete tasks within existing constraints and evaluate the results systematically.
PLO-9Able to make appropriate decisions in the context of problem solving, based on the results of the analysis of information/data and the implications of decisions.
PLO-10Able to build, develop, and integrate information technology platforms by paying attention to security aspects and user convenience
PLO-11Able to design Information Technology-based solutions to solve problems in industry and society.
PLO-12Able to implement scientific insights in the field of Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.